Cannes 2022: Canadian agencies get 23 shortlist spots in Craft categories

Nine agencies and their production partners got nominations for their technical achievements in Design, Digital, Film and Industry Craft.

Canadian agencies and their production partners are getting some looks for their technical skills at Cannes Lions this year, with almost two dozen nominations in the Festival’s four Craft categories.

In Film Craft, Bensimon Byrne’s “Day After Day” for White Ribbon earned all four of the Canadian nominations. The video, which dove into the rise in domestic violence during the COVID-19 pandemic, was shortlisted for scriptwriting, the work of director Hubert Davis and its use of music and sound design. Sound design studio Berkeley and Untitled Films were among the production partners Bensimon Byrne enlisted for the campaign.

In the other craft categories, Performance Art also earned three nominations for its work on Black & Abroad’s “Black Elevation Map,” an online travel planning site that uses things like population data, historical markers, Black-owned businesses and social media activity, and visualizes it as points of interest on a dynamic, searchable elevation map for Black travellers. The campaign picked up two nomination in Digital Craft, as well as one in Design.

FCB Canada also earned three shortlist mentions. Two came in Design for its work on Lotto Max’s “Dream Drop,” which turned a capsule collection of merch into actual lottery tickets, while it also added one more to its nomination for the Canadian Down Syndrome Society’s “The Mindsets Paper” in Digital Craft.

Rethink was the only Canadian agency on the Industry Craft shortlists. One came for “Periods for Periods,” an effort with 140 designers to create a font made entirely out of periods to be used in tweets and letters to officials as a protest for accessibility to menstrual products. It also earned another mention for “Colours of Pride,” a campaign for Fondation Émergence that made a Pride flag out of close-up images 0f bruises and other signs of struggle in the ongoing fight for 2SLGBTQ+ rights, as well as for its rebrand of the National Magazine Awards.

Zulu Alpha Kilo added a pair of nominations in Design – another for Pfaff Harley-Davidson’s “Tough Turban,” and one for SingleCut Beersmith’s “Notes IPA.” Jam3 also earned two shortlist mentions in Digital Craft for its work promoting Adidas’ Ozworld collection of sneakers, which it did with a platform that allowed people to create highly stylized metaverse avatars decked out in the brand’s gear.

In Design, BBDO and Sid Lee also earned nominations, while a collaborative campaign between Grey Canada and Tank for Razom picked up a nomination in Digital Craft.

Lions in the Craft categories will be awarded during Tuesday’s gala alongside those in the Entertainment categories.

Design (10)

BBDO Canada

Canadian Paralympic Committee, “Para Expansion Pack”
Infant Products, Toys & Educational Product

FCB Canada

Lotto Max (OLG), “Dream Drop”
Lifestyle, Fashion, Leisure, Sports & Outdoor
Promotional Item Design

Partners: Mediacom, Hill + Knowlton Strategies, Common Good, Cruel, Grayson Music, Mr. Saturday

Performance Art

Black & Abroad, “The Black Elevation Map”
Data Visualization

Partners: Initiative, Glossy PR, Kinesso, Meta, Reprise Media, Alfredo Films, Vocal Type Co., Alter Ego, TA2 Sound + Music


Fondation Émergence, “Colours of Pride”
Special Editions & Bespoke Items

Partners: Grayson Music

National Magazine Awards, “National Magazine Awards”
Rebrand/Refresh of an Existing Brand

Purdy’s, “Purdy’s Holiday Braille Box”

Partners: R+D Productions, Wave Production

Sid Lee

Ellen MacArthur Foundation, “Circular Design For Fashion”

Partners: M&H, Seacourt Printing

Zulu Alpha Kilo

Pfaff Harley-Davidson, “The Tough Turban”
Special Editions & Bespoke Items

Partners: Zulubot, Select PR, Nelson Connects, Spark Innovations

SingleCut Beersmiths, “Notes IPA”

Partners: Spark Innovations, Table of Content, Zulubot

Digital Craft (6)

FCB Canada

Canadian Down Syndrome Society, “The Mindsets Paper”
Data Storytelling

Partners: Fuel Content, Grayson Music, Radar Studios, Bliss Interactive


Adidas, “Adidas Ozworld”
Experience Design: Multi-platform
New Realities

Performance Art

Black & Abroad, “The Black Elevation Map”
Curation of Data
Data Visualization

Partners: Initiative, Glossy PR, Kinesso, Meta, Reprise Media, Alfredo Films, Vocal Type Co., Alter Ego, TA2 Sound + Music

Grey Canada/Tank

Razom, “Feel What We Feel”
Real-time Contextual Content

Partners: Mindshare, Hill + Knowlton Strategies, Rodeo FX, Kffein

Film Craft (4)

Bensimon Byrne

White Ribbon, “Day After Day”
Sound Design
Use of Original Music

Partners: Untitled Films, Alter Ego, Berkeley, Fort York VFX, Rooster Post Production, Jigsaw Casting

Industry Craft (2)


Fondation Émergence, “Colours of Pride”
Print & Publishing

Partners: Grayson Music

Periods for Periods, “Periods for Periods”
Brand & Communications Design