Norco aims to open up mountain biking

The bikemaker's new campaign wants to break away from typical marketing to make it feel less exclusive.

It’s tough to market to a casual consumer when you exist in a category that’s anything but casual, but Norco Bikes is looking to do just that with the launch of a campaign for its new line of mountain bicycles.

Norco, one of the first manufacturers of ten-speed bicycles, has specifically designed its new Fluid line to appeal both to high-end riders familiar with mountain biking and to consumers new to the sport that might not have always felt welcome participating. The campaign is built around a 45-second digital spot that showcases a diverse array of riders mastering trails on their Norco Fluid bike, which is engineered for and promoted to riders of all experience levels.

“The world of mountain biking can occasionally feel pretty exclusive and have an element of gatekeeping to it. What’s awesome is that Norco isn’t just trying to make it more welcoming in its communications, but literally engineering their bikes to appeal to and accommodate a new set of riders,” says Jesse Wilks, ACD at 123w, which developed the campaign for Norco.

“Our goal when starting the project was to figure out how we make something that feels welcoming to people who may not see themselves in typical mountain bike marketing or content,” adds Gerardo Agbuya, also an ACD with 123w. “That led us to what started as a headline, and became the campaign platform: ‘Every trail, and every rider.’”

The spot launched July 27 and is supported by static display assets and both will run on digital and across the bikemaker’s social channels. The campaign will also be expanded to other websites focused on the mountain biking hobby in the coming weeks.