shows people what they play for

B.C. Lottery Corporation takes a cue from other gaming marketing to forge a deeper connection with the province's only legal gambling site.

When it comes to online gambling, British Columbians have a lot of options – but only one that is legal.

But instead of focusing on security and avoiding the pitfalls of the grey market, a new campaign from the B.C. Lottery Corporation (BCLC) instead choose to promote the online gambling service by focusing on the benefits it brings to the province.

Illegal gambling sites have long been an issue in B.C. – the province’s gambling regulator has been trying to combat them for years. Now, the BCLC is trying to cut through their advertising noise to show British Columbians that if they want to place bets online, there is a better place to do it.

“ is the only legal and regulated gambling site in B.C.,” said Laura Piva-Babcock, director of communications and government relations for the corporation. “Just as important, all of the profits go back to B.C. to support things we all rely on, like healthcare, education and community programs. We believe these points will matter to locals who have a sea of choices in a confusing marketplace.”

In a 30-second spot that will run as pre-roll and on social, B.C. residents from many walks of life are depicted, explaining why is the best choice for residents of the province who are looking to place some bets. As hikers, cyclists, golfers and other partake in their hobbies, they take time to explain why gambling with is the smart choice. It is not just that it is the only legal service – taking a cue from other lottery marketing, the campaign shows that revenue generated by the site directly benefits their home province.

“We’re proud British Columbians and we want locals to feel good about choosing to play on,” says Bryan Collins, founder and ECD at 123w, which developed the spot for the BCLC. “They should, because all of us stand to benefit.”

The campaign is also running over radio.