Dialogue hopes its OOH messaging flies with business travelers

The B2B health and wellness platform is activating in a big way at Billy Bishop Airport.


B2B virtual health and wellness platform, Dialogue, is going after business travelers in this, its first major OOH campaign.

Key messaging in Billy Bishop Airport bathrooms urges users to “flush” their outdated employee assistance plans, and assets throughout the airport include banners, murals, square backlit signage, table and desk elements and decals.

Dialogue’s out-of-home campaign was designed to engage directly with professionals passing through one of the most high-traffic business travel airports in the country as flight traffic resumes for the segment. The four-week Billy Bishop takeover launch is just one part of a wider campaign involving a mix of digital and printed billboards in downtown Toronto, coinciding with more office workers returning to the core.

Lilian Lau, VP of marketing at Dialogue, tells strategy mental health is a challenge, and that 45% of long-term disability costs – and growing – are related to mental health costs. It wanted to showcase to employers that it offers a platform that can help.

The campaign draws attention to the brand’s integrated health platform, including primary care, mental health and employee assistance programs.

“We wanted to take travelers on a journey about what Dialogue offers,” Lau says, adding that its target has time to digest all its messaging.

Lau says the business is growing substantially, and it was looking to take things to the next level with this campaign.


According to Lau, there’s been a lot of consolidation in the space during COVID, and in its messaging, Dialogue has to emphasize that it offers end-to-end care as a differentiator. This campaign specifically is part of a larger effort that began in September, which also highlighted that when you use Dialogue, you get fully integrated care.

In 2020, Canada Life partnered with Montreal-based Dialogue to make virtual health services standard to all of its group plan customers with benefits plans for up to 400 members, capitalizing on a growing demand for at-home health-tech services.

The latest work was supported by boutique design agency Cosmic, in a relationship that began in September. Media Profile provided PR support.