‘Clinically proven’ is a very attractive product claim

An FMCG Gurus report reveals that consumers are taking a more proactive approach to wellness.


A new report suggests CPG and health brands would do well to promote their scientific bona fides as we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to FMCG Gurus’ new report, 83% of North Americans respondents cited “clinically proven” as the top claim that food, drink and supplement brands should be positioned around, followed by “helps lead a healthy lifestyle” (82%) and multifunctional benefits (74%).

Claims are particularly relevant when it comes to immune boosting: in North America, 69% of respondents associate immune health with how quickly they recover from illness, topping whether they have long term health problems (55%), number of doctor visits (52%), the number of days being unwell (51%) and their energy levels (49%).

According to FMCG insights, 76% of global respondents associate a poor immune system with long term health problems.

Marketers need to be mindful that consumers are taking a more holistic approach to their health: in Q2 of 2022, 45% of respondents globally revealed they are seeking out food to boost their immune systems, down only 1% from Q1 of 2021. And as we emerge to a post-COVID world, 13% of consumers are turning to supplements in Q2 of 2022, down only slightly from Q1 of 2021 (15%). And four in 10 global consumers will be encouraged to stick to their health goals in the long term.

According to Mike Hughes, FMCG’s head of research and insight, consumers are taking a proactive approach to wellness, taking action even if they are not immediately experiencing COVID or flu-linked symptoms. They are also recognizing that their diets and lifestyles are not as healthy as they should be, with 66% of global respondents saying they have made changes to their diets post-pandemic.

Immunity and digestive health are key, with 73% of respondents noticing these are often interlinked.

However, the report warns that functional benefits products are frequently associated with a premium price, which is a challenge in a high inflation environment. Brands need to note that they are offering maximum value for money.