Shopper Marketing


BioSteel leans into hockey with a cool flavour

The NHL’s newest drink sponsor hopes the affiliation will help drive trial and retention for a 7-Eleven exclusive.


Gold Seal wants to lure young buyers to canned fish

Ocean Brands is hoping to build momentum into the summer for its wild-caught salmon.


Athena Club aims to shake up women’s personal care

From Shopper Marketing Report: As it arrives in Canada, the DTC company also has its eyes on retail expansion.


What InABuggy’s rebrand says about its future

The company now known simply as Buggy is looking at rapid delivery to fuel growth plans.

Haagen-Dazs_extraa_ layers shelf talker

Haagen-Dazs plays up the decadence with its ‘extraaz’

From Shopper Marketing Report: The ice cream is amplifying the indulgence message with a sampling yacht.

AriZona Hard 99 Cent Bikes - Photo 3

Arizona Hard is driving trial with bikes and seeding kits

After last year’s success, the Molson Coors brand is employing more tactics to generate interest in a new flavour.

Horizontal Life is BW

How Betterwith ice cream pivoted its message

The regional brand is finding success focusing on sugar content instead of ingredient traceability.


Dollar stores are attracting more pet food buyers

According to Numerator, pet spending across channels is bucking overall CPG downturns.


FMCG Gurus points out the potential for plant-based fish

The research firm’s insights reveal that calling out the right health benefits is key to helping the category take off.


Alternative dairy growth is outpacing alt meat

Numerator research also dives into the opportunity for strength in one plant-based category to cross-promote the other.


Flipp buys fellow flyer and discount app Reebee

The move will help Flipp expand its Shopper Consideration Platform, which helps brands create digital experiences from savings content.


Ferrero Rocher is shaking up premium chocolate

The high-end confectionery is looking to drive more everyday purchases, supported by high-impact in-store assets.


How a DTC period brand is trying to stand out

From Shopper Marketing Report: Only believes its eco products can disrupt shopping habits and steal away market share.


Fancy Feast pushes appetite appeal for your cats

A PC Optimum promotion is getting pet owners to try a line of broths and elevate feeding time.

TeaPot1 (1)

Boston Beer brings cannabis-infused iced teas north

The maker of Twisted Tea and Sam Adams is launching Teapot here as it awaits U.S. regulatory progress.