2021 Creative Report Card

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Peppered throughout this year's Creative Report Card are mementos of a year spent in lockdown: a tabletop Fender amp, a rocket, and a cat (or two).

Along with the stories they accompany in the 2021 Spring issue of strategy magazine, the images that sit atop this year's lists (see menu bar on the right) offer a glimpse into the world of advertising-from-home, reminding us this was no ordinary year for the industry’s most-awarded talent.

#1 Agency Rethink remains on top of its game, with its new national CCO, Aaron Starkman, taking the title of the #1 Creative Director and Sean McDonald landing atop the Planners list.

While many Rethink clients, including Kraft Heinz, IKEA and WestJet, made the top-ten list of Brands, the #1 spot went to Black & Abroad, whose "Go Back to Africa" campaign by FCB/Six (#2 Agency) made international headlines.

Some of the creatives involved in the campaign, which include copywriter Curtis Chapman and art director Ramón Charles, overcame the risk of facing hate head-on to land at the top of their respective lists.

And last, but certainly not least, BBDO's Mike Nugent raised the bar for a second year in a row, landing at #1 on the Designers list for his work with the Regent Park School of Music.

As always, we crunched numbers from a range of regional, national and international award shows to determine the kings and queens of the CRC.

You can access the full lists for creatives and companies using the links in the menu to the right. And if you want to dig a little deeper, click on the names in each list to access more information, previous year's rankings as well as news articles on some of the work that came out of Canada over the past year.

* We did our utmost to populate the site with images and information for each company and individual, unfortunately we were unable to plug in data for everyone. If you would like to change/add a headshot or location information, please email Justin Dallaire at jdallaire@brunico.com to update your profile.


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