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Check it out: KFC delivers the love

The QSR introduces a new Facebook contest that brings “ChickenGrams” to the door.


For the love of Valentine’s Day!

From sweet to sassy to strategic, here’s a look at what brands are up to this holiday.


Check it out: Agency sweet hearts

Calgary shop Evans Hunt has created a Valentine’s gift only suitable for ad folk.


Valentine’s Day, in numbers

Atlantic Canadians are most likely to have sex this V-Day, we’ll spend less than Americans on gifts, and other stats you should know.


Valentine’s Day spend trends

Canadians are a bunch of last-minute buyers, with many spending the majority of their gift budget on romantic dinners.

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Shoppers unveils Carnaby Sweet

As part of its efforts to reposition the Life brand as health care products, the pharma-retailer is donning a new name and look for its confectionery line.