Raptors tease new branding

Branding / Digital / Television

Aimed at showcasing the non-hockey elements of Toronto, the team has released a “rallying cry” spot as it starts its first playoff run since 2008.

Infographic: The evolution of famous logos

Branding / Research

Check out how the likes of Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Yahoo and Apple have changed their mark over the years.

Making love last: Advice for the jaded shopper marketer

Branding / CPG / Retail / Shopper Marketing

Industry experts channel Dear Abby to weigh-in on data sharing and successful re-packaging.

Volkswagen drives into the mainstream

Automotive / Branding

Director of marketing Peter Blackwell shares his strategic plan for the brand.

Cundari to develop Armenia’s brand

Branding / Travel+Tourism

The agency and GK Brand have won the account to highlight the country’s tourist attractions and knowledge economy.

Products with smart potential

Branding / CPG / Fashion+Clothing

Texting toilet paper, anyone? Here are some every day items that should tap the internet of things trend.

Back page: The first known instance of future-proofing

Agencies / Branding / Innovation

Illustrator Gary Clement takes us back in time.

A head of his time

Agencies / Branding / Innovation

Strategy guest editor Steve Mykolyn on how hunting for eternal life can teach you to future-proof yourself.

Lessons from Knight Rider

Branding / Digital

John St.’s Chris Hirsch and Nellie Kim on how to maintain a human voice in a digital world.

Kelsey’s vibrant rebrand

Branding / Design / Food+Beverage

The restaurant chain aims to reconnect with millennials by re-positioning itself as a place for socializing.