How Canadians decide what to buy

A new PwC report looks at the impact of social, buying local and why omnichannel is so important.


Canadians losing their loyalty to banks

How millennials bank differently from the rest of the population, and the impact digital is having.


Figures on food: How we eat, by the numbers

A recent survey provides some insight into Canadians’ meal habits.


Retail sales grow on automotive strength

The three month trend indicates a recovery from last year’s declines, but the numbers aren’t as positive as they seem.


Environics Analytics makes another acquisition

The marketing firm picks up Boire Filler Group to boost its data management offering.


What the youngest millennials care about

New research from Zeno Group reveals how 14- to 25-year-olds view the world.


Industry convergence top concern for CMOs

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2016 Agency Survey: The state of the ad world

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Introducing…the Strategy Awards

Publisher Mary Maddever links decluttering with planning in introducing our latest award.


Are you drowning in content?

A new Accenture survey suggests that the wave of digital content is taking away time for core branding activity.


How millennials see themselves

A new report from Mintel shows how the demo strives to break away from the labels placed on them.


How confident are Canadian consumers?

Nielsen looks at areas where spending might dip as the majority of Canucks think the country’s in a recession.


Consumer trust is growing (for some)

Edelman’s Trust Barometer shows a disparity between how privileged Canadians and the general public view businesses.


Has the sharing economy impacted spending habits?

A new study reveals how services like Airbnb have facilitated the millennial desire to spend on experiences over products.