Lawtons rewards healthy behaviour with Air Miles

Through the PROfile Health Club, the pharmacy is aiming to build customer loyalty while increasing education, prescription adherence and online and in-person habit tracking.

Sobeys has teamed up with global loyalty strategy and program provider LoyaltyOne to test a new loyalty program that rewards Canadians based on adherence to healthy behaviours. Called PROfile Health Club, the program is being trialed in the Halifax-Dartmouth area at Sobeys’ Lawtons Drugs stores.

Demonstrating one way bricks-and-mortar locations can gain an advantage over e-commerce, the program, which is being offered to Lawtons customers at no charge, uses a combination of information and Air Miles rewards to help promote medication and healthier lifestyle compliance for sufferers of high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes – chronic conditions chosen because of their prevalence.

“The PROfile Health Club provides another exciting avenue for us to deliver more value to our customers through relevant communication and offers, and provides another opportunity for customers to benefit from their Air Miles membership,” says Janane Chater, senior director of marketing and corporate communications, Lawtons Drugs and Sobeys Pharmacy.

A key driver in the development of the program, which is powered by LoyaltyOne’s proprietary wellIQ platform, is a growing comprehension on the part of Canadians that they need to be more in control of their own health, says Peter Meyers, VP, product development and innovation, LoyaltyOne

“Shoppers who are loyal to your pharmacy just buy more in your store,” says Meyers. “They are more valuable customers right across the store because they end up close to doubling their trips for the rest of the store.”

The program rewards patients on three different levels: education, where Air Miles are awarded if customers sign up for a monthly newsletter providing relevant info; adherence, where they’re rewarded for coming into Lawtons to fill their prescriptions and signing up for a daily dose reminder service; and interaction, where they’re given Air Miles for using featured tools on a website supporting the program, as well as for reporting their activities back to their pharmacist.

“We know that when patients build their relationship with their pharmacist they’re more successful overall,” says Meyers.

“Enrollments and feedback on the program have been outstanding,” says Chater. ” We are very excited by the enthusiastic response from not only customers, but also our pharmacy staff. Patients are signing up because they trust Lawtons Drugs to care for their health and love the opportunity to receive the combination of information and tools related to their condition, plus rewards for their loyalty.”

At press time the program had over 1,500 diabetic, high blood pressure and high cholesterol patients enrolled. Sales numbers were not available.To initially gauge the potential success of the program in Canada Meyers says that LoyaltyOne tested it, particularly the adherence component, south of the border with retailers including Kroger and Duane Reade, including a number of independents. They saw a more than 13% increase in adherence.

Lawtons plans on making announcements regarding expansion of the program to other locations once it’s had a chance to adequately evaluate its results. Meyers says that LoyaltyOne is looking to take the PROfile Health Club program concept to other bricks-and-mortar pharma retailers nationally in 2012.