Dove highlights retouching

The beauty brand is launching a one-day campaign aimed at sparking a conversation around digital alterations in advertising.

Dove is again shining a light on extreme photo retouching with a one-day print campaign running in tomorrow’s Metro newspaper.

The campaign, with media by Mindshare, creative from Ogilvy and social media work from Harbinger, features upside-down ads of regular looking women, which when turned right-side up are seen to have been dramatically altered.

Sharon MacLeod, VP marketing, Dove, says the aim of the one-day print campaign, which drives consumers to the Dove Facebook page, is to get a conversation started around the issue of digital re-touching and the impact it is having on women and young girls.

“We wanted to show people that they can look at something that has been dramatically changed and not notice,” she says.

MacLeod says Metro was chosen for the one-day print spot because people typically read it before going to work or school, where they are likely to share what they have seen with others. “We then hope they will go online and continue the conversation,” she adds.

The campaign is meant to highlight Dove’s commitment to real beauty and comes on the heels of a similar campaign from Dove’s New Zealand office that helps rid Facebook of depressing “be you, but better” ads. The “Ad Makeover” app replaces weight loss, bust enhancement and other feel-bad ads with messages of encouragement and praise.