Purex rolls out new premium look

Shikatani Lacroix created the new packaging design, with the aim of differentiating the bathroom tissue from discount brands.

Purex, a Toronto-based Kruger product, is rolling out new packaging designed to give the bathroom tissue a more luxurious look, says Shikatani Lacroix president, Jean-Pierre Lacroix.

The product, which is a brand leader in Western Canada, wanted to maintain its market share, but reaffirm the product’s premium standing because it was finding people would most often buy it on sale.

Toronto-based Shikatani was tasked with dominating the shelf, amping up visibility to encourage the shopper to buy the product at full price.

“The original design used a vibrant purple, and as we know with colours, the more vibrant you are, the more discount it comes across,” he says, adding that to change value perceptions, Shikatani deepened the purple to make it feel richer.

The agency created a full-coloured wave extending the purple to the package’s borders, delivering greater billboarding on the shelf, says Lacroix. More emphasis was placed on the cashmere softness of the product by placing it towards the top of the package, ensuring it is the first thing a consumer reads.

The new packaging targets 25- to 54-year-old urban and suburban women with kids at home, and will be rolled out with traditional merchandising in retailers.

“We’re letting the packaging do the heavy lifting when it comes to marketing,” he says. “It’s designed in a way to provide a shelf impact.”