The 2013 B!G Awards: Grip and Kokanee take Gold

Recognizing agencies that go beyond advertising for their clients, this year's honours go to Grip, OgilvyOne and Taxi for work with Kokanee, Dove and Boston Pizza, respectively.

Eight years have passed since the B!G Awards began celebrating agencies for out-of-the-ordinary contributions for their clients, from internal branding and shaping customer experience to new product development. This year’s batch of trophy-takers went above and beyond traditional advertising, taking big brands into new spaces.

Grip Limited helped Kokanee moonlight as a Hollywood North production company, tapping the talents of fans to create a full-length feature (and beat out big-budget blockbusters on its opening night in Vancouver). Ogilvy/OgilvyOne Worldwide disguised Dove as the Robin Hood of computer hackers, developing a deceptively genius Photoshop tool to unmask society’s warped perception of beauty. Finally, Taxi helped Canadian-born restaurant Boston Pizza manufacture shirts to camouflage sauce drippings, and fetch new revenues.

The winning cases share the insights, ideas and impact of venturing outside advertising lines. Here’s what impressed the B!G jury.

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Gold winner: Grip gives Kokanee the Hollywood North treatment

Silver winner: OgilvyOne reignites Dove’s real beauty convo

Bronze winner: Taxi cooks up a T-shirt line for Boston Pizza

Judging panel and methodology