CASSIES Gold: Mio gets through to millennials

The Kraft water enhancer targets young men with off-the-wall humour.

Packaged Goods – Beverage
Best Launch

Situation Analysis » In 2012, Kraft launched Mio, a first-of-its-kind concentrated liquid-water enhancer, in Canada. Mio represented a lot of firsts: the move from powder to liquid; convenient sizing; a mess-free and resealable package; and flexibility in how much flavour it delivered. But with a relatively small budget, how would it persuade a young and highly sought-after target to put down Pepsi, Vitamin Water and Nestea, and try Mio instead?

Strategy & Insight » The logical target was male millennials: 18- to 34-year-old guys who like to try new things and are often tastemakers. But they were already being offered a dizzying array of brands, and satisfied with what was out there. Then came the insight: if there’s anything these guys crave it’s change. And Mio epitomizes change by altering water with unique colours, patterns and flavours.

Execution » Given the budget, shareable content was essential. So the 30-second launch spot, “Changes,” used more than 100 (often bizarre) visual changes to catch attention, surpassing one million views on YouTube. There was also a partnership with Dude Perfect – a basketball trick-shot crew that swapped its trick shots on YouTube for trick squirts, hitting more than 500,000 views. This was followed by “Swish,” a spot for Mio Sport, Mio’s electrolyte-packed sub-brand. Every scene was clickable, taking the viewer to six more secret content pieces, resulting in more than a million hits. Finally, “Eye of the Squirter,” the last spot in the campaign, spoofed the over-the-top, juiced-up world of sports drink marketing, and hit a million views in just 12 days.

Results » Mio launched in March 2012, and by year-end, sales were more than triple expectations. Momentum continued through July 2013, with sales 130% ahead of year-ago. Mio also minimized cannibalization of Kraft’s other water enhancers by helping a previously-declining category grow by 19% in 2012 and an additional 14% year-to-date. Finally, after just one year in market, Mio boasted brand health metrics just below those of the blue-chip brands in the category.

Cause & Effect » Apart from being the only major activity on the brand, post-campaign tracking shows the connection between the material and the results. And of people recalling the advertising, 75% link it to Mio, matching the top 5% of all ads tested.


Client: Kraft Canada
Senior director, marketing: Leisha Roche
Director, marketing: Kristi Murl
Associate brand manager: Lindsay Rogers
Agency: Taxi Canada
ECD: Lance Martin
CD: Jeff MacEachern
AD: Mike Lee
CWs: Alexis Bronstorph, Mike Blackmore, Mike Shuman, Troy Palmer
French writer: Tanya Henri
VP, integrated production: Cynthia Heyd
Group account director: Daniel Shearer
Account director: Shazeen Pirani
Account manager: Zak Usher, Andrea Wong
Digital strategist: Zach Klein
Agency producer: Ben Sharpe
French agency producer: Anick Rozon
Post production manager: Athena Kouverianos
Production company: Steam Films
Editorial company: Posterboy Edit
Colour facility: Alter Ego
Post production: The Vanity
Audio house: RMW Music, Eggplant Collective
Music licensing: Girth Music



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