The 2014 Creative Report Card

Strategy unveils its rankings of big winners at international, national and regional advertising award shows. DDB tops the agency list, while McDonald's is the top advertisers.

School’s never really out for creatives, agencies and clients working in what has become an expeditious industry. There’s always some innovation to be learned, so it’s not surprising the big players in the class of 2014 have an unwavering dedication to education.

McDonald’s, which is recognized as this year’s most awarded advertiser for its “Our Food. Your Questions.” campaign, has launched internal training “county fairs” with agency partners, as well as sent staffers to Chicago for university-style courses.

The brand’s creative agency DDB, which also takes top honours, boasts the country’s number one CW, Ian Mackenzie, who spends his spare time educating himself and others at various Rotman Commerce Marketing Association school events. Meanwhile, top AD Derek Blais (formerly at DDB and now ACD at BBDO) prescribes articles on science and technology to get the brain juices going.

Not even Leo Burnett’s self-motivated duo and this year’s top CDs, Judy John and Lisa Greenberg, can gainsay the importance of continuous education, remaining curious and discovering new innovations.

Strategy’s Creative Report Card is an amalgamation of more than 1,500 awards won at regional, national and international advertising shows, providing an overview of the country’s strongest creative advertising. But beyond winning prizes, what does it take to stay on top? We took everyone back to school to hear about the training that makes them great, so maybe you can learn something too.

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