Red Urban claims Porsche account

The Toronto agency will work on global adaptations and Canadian-specific creative for the luxury car company.

Luxury car brand Porsche has chosen Toronto-based Red Urban as its new AOR after a five-month review process.

Red Urban will be responsible for Canadian-specific creative and adapting global campaigns across all media. Montreal-based Cart1er will cover French-market communications. The account formerly sat with Toronto’s Yield Branding.

Red Urban president Steve Carli told strategy he expects the agency’s first order of business when it formally assumes the account in June will most likely be for the new Macan SUV.

Red Urban’s work with Volkswagen initially attracted Porsche to the agency, said Laurance Yap, director of marketing, Porsche Canada, in the release.

“However, after learning more about their capabilities, especially in digital and content creation, it was clear they were the right choice to help us advance Porsche in the Canadian market,” he said.

Globally, Porsche falls within the Volkswagen Group, although in Canada, the brand functions separately from VW.

Carli said he believes Red Urban senior management’s experience with other German automobile brands such as Audi, BMW and Mercedes helped to garner Porsche’s interest in the agency, along with its digital and branded content work for Volkswagen.

“As much as there are a lot of very interesting Volkswagen stories, the Porsche plan goes back many decades. There’s some real interesting content that we could play off of,” he said.

“But also the enthusiasts for Porsche and within the driving community, it’s pretty interesting and they’re very passionate about it, so tapping into that, just like we did with Volkswagen, will be an interesting opportunity.”

Porsche switched from Yield Branding because the brand wanted to access a larger agency’s resources, and the move is not due to its former agency’s performance, Yap said in the release.

VanderWolf Image of a Porsche, courtesy of Shutterstock.