Becel, IGA and Les Sucreries Beaurivage partner up

The margarine brand, grocery store and maple syrup came together and placed their products side-by-side in a promotion to boost sales and introduce shoppers to a new salmon recipe.
becel maple 1

It doesn’t get more Canadian than a slab of salmon doused in maple syrup and a buttery taste sauce for a spring meal. It’s safe to say though that many wouldn’t think to put the three ingredients together, which is why IGA supermarket in Quebec put the recipe in its fresh salmon fish aisle, coupled with cans of syrup from Les Sucreries Beaurivage and tubs of margarine from Becel, to introduce the meal to its shoppers.

The grocery store and brands worked with Quebec agency Bob to create the joint branding campaign aimed at increasing product sales for all three partners, said Caroline Forcier, shopper marketing manager for Unilever Canada (Becel’s parent company), in a release. “Plus it allowed consumers to quickly spot the ingredients needed to cook up a simple, delicious meal at home.”

A mini brochure with the recipe and a coupon for Becel accompanied 300,000 cans of Les Sucreries Beaurivage syrup that sat above the open fridge in IGA. In addition, the store promoted the program with flyer inserts, specials on the salmon and unique in-store layouts. The campaign launched in February and is currently still running in stores.