Fear the future of Glassholes and six-second vids

These new spots from TedXColumbiaSIPA and Cap C show what could happen if we ditch insightful and meaningful content.

To help promote the local TedXColumbiaSIPA (Columbia University’s school of international affairs), Capital C unleashed some Glassholes.

The latest campaign from the Toronto agency – for the New York University event happening this weekend – will be seeded out digitally, targeting TedX goers, students and people who have ideas worth sharing.

The documentary-style films examine what would happen if current social media and tech trends overshadowed people’s desire to engage with thought-provoking content. Following two “social media historians” in a dystopian future, the first video features life through Google Glass, while the second declares smart ideas longer than six-seconds caused the decline of long-form information.

Capital C worked on the campaigns pro-bono, says Gary Watson, CCO at Capital C. “Shortened attention spans [and] technology overload [are] things that get in the way of spending time with inspirational content that ultimately makes a difference in our lives.”