Breathe Right records your snores

Let's get ready to rumble: the nasal strip aims to help your partner sleep by taping you snoring.

It can be hard to convince a snorer they are guilty of nighttime noises. After all, how would you know when you’re asleep?

So to provide proof and help a snorer’s partner sleep, Breathe Right is offering to place snores on the radio during their morning drive.

Alongside Grey Canada, the GlaxoSmithKline brand has unveiled a new app to help track people’s snoring to promote the nasal strips designed to clear up blocked noses.

The app records a person’s sleep sounds, sending data to a central database to be analyzed, says Patrick Scissons, CCO, Grey Canada. Largely targeted at the snoring sufferer (a.k.a., the person kept awake at night by the rumbles), people can opt to have their partner’s snores inserted into a radio ad placed specifically on their favourite station for the drive the next morning. The ad gets personal, providing a first name and street name, lest the snorer not believe the sounds aren’t his or hers.

It’s based on the insight that if you don’t believe you snore, you’re less likely to purchase the strip, says Scissons.

And, of course, not everyone has to have their partner’s snores aired on radio, he says. People can opt to simply use the device as a recording tool to show to the snorer, who is then encouraged by the app to give Breathe Right a try for a quiet night’s sleep (and record their sleep with the strip to see if there’s any improvement).

Quietly rolled out in a test market in March with 300 couples (allowing the team to perfect the algorithm), the brand is gearing up to launch on a wider provincial level in the fall, with plans to run it through Q1 of next year. Each province will get customized assets and media flight, he says.

Image via Shutterstock.