Hacking Tesla

With an eye towards connected cars, Toronto's Bnotion launched smartwatch and Google Glass apps to control your vehicle.

So perhaps we’re not rolling around in driver-less cars just yet (curse you Google employees who get to be chauffeured around first), but remember, baby steps.

If you’re itching for some kind of futuristic car tech relief right now, then look no further, cause there’s an Android Wear Smartwatch app that lets you feel like you have a magical automated car too. The app, created by Toronto’s innovation agency Bnotions, not only opens and locks the doors of a Tesla on command, but also opens and closes the sunroof, and (the best one yet) makes the car honk its own horn.

This follows a Google Glass hack for Tesla released a few months ago (though to limited fanfare, says Paul Crowe, partner at BNotions). The lab bought its own Tesla to play with a little while ago, because “the connected car is something we’re very interested in at the company,” he says, adding that whenever possible they carve out a few moments to experiment with it.

Any day now we’ll have cars talking back at us when we forget to put in gas or haven’t taken them for a wash in a while. On second thought, having to wait for that doesn’t sound so bad.

From Stimulant