Check it out: A drinkable billboard

Does Coke Zero taste better from a giant straw?

drainkable-billboard (1)

Here’s some food for thought. Does cola taste sweeter up high in the sky or down below on the ground? If you’re playing hookie at the White River State Park in Indianapolis, perhaps you can answer this thought-provoking question. That’s because Coke, with the help of Ogilvy & Mather, has erected a billboard filled with Coke Zero, which you can sample via a drinking fountain nearby.

Germaphobes be wary though – the refreshment has to travel through a giant plastic straw before it arrives in your mouth.

It’s also not the first attempt from the brand to get its drink in people’s bellies by way of drinkable ads. Coke has also recently launched TV spots, mall kiosks and video boards in sports stadiums and shopping malls in the U.S. that invite people to Shazam its ad for a free bottle of its Zero cola. What’s next? Coke-scented radio ads that use a car’s air vent to release a fizzy, sugary odour?

Via Adweek

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