Jordan Doucette returns to Taxi

Doucette is set to go back to the agency where she had her first leadership role to fill its vacant ECD position.

Taxi has a familiar face filling the vacancy left by the recent departure of Darren Clarke for MacLaren McCann, bringing back Jordan Doucette as executive creative director.

Doucette returns to Taxi on July 20 from Edelman, which she joined just over a year ago.

Doucette started as a copywriter at Taxi 2 in 2006, rising through the ranks to become ECD and general manager at Taxi by 2011. She worked on brands that included Mini and led the Telus business. Her departure came just over one month before it was announced the agency would no longer be working with the latter brand.

“I wanted someone who had a highly collaborative style,” says Rob Guenette, Taxi’s CEO. “I love repatriation, and so I went and said, ‘Who knows Taxi? Who has Taxi in their blood? Who has the broad cultural experience at Taxi that we can bring back?’” he says. His mind veered to Doucette, which was “serendipity,” since the two had been in touch about something unrelated around the time talks began to bring her back to the shop.

“She was very, very well-respected here [and] popular,” he says. “In life, you can’t pick your family – too bad, so sad. But you can pick who you work with, and Jordan Doucette’s one of those people, that you just want to work with her.”

Taxi also recently lost its chief brand officer Steve Mykolyn, who retired from the ad biz.

So far this year, the agency has also promoted 13 people into new positions, including Tom Greco as creative director, Ben Feist as VP of technology and new general managers in Toronto, Vancouver and at Taxi 2. There’s been no shortage of new work at the agency, either: since March, the agency has picked up Casino Rama, Leon’s and Cogeco, was re-assigned the Kraft Dinner account and was picked to launch a campaign for Vancouver International Airport.

Correction: An earlier version of this story mentioned that Doucette’s career began at Taxi when, in fact, she had positions at agencies including BBDO and Grey Canada prior to her first, eight-year term there. Strategy regrets the error.

With files from Josh Kolm