Social TV: What’s first among second screens?

Seevibes digs up the numbers on which devices Canadians keep close while watching TV.

The second screen phenomenon is (still, and will likely always be) on the industry’s mind. Just last week, Media Technology Monitor reported that 54% of English Canadians have, at least once, split their attention between the TV screen and another handheld device. And now, Seevibes is sharing numbers around exactly which of those devices are getting the most mileage.

No surprise that smartphones win in popularity. Seevibes says the majority of Canucks think of internet-enabled mobiles as their go-to second screen, but what’s interesting are the types of shows that viewers use their phones to talk about on social media. The company notes that 85% of these multitaskers turn to their phones and social media to talk about a reality TV show they’re watching. During TV series and news programs, 84% and 53% of Canadians (respectively) engage on social media while watching these types of shows.

As for smartphone models, the iPhone places first in being the most popular device, with 45% of social media interactions being made with the Apple-made device (that’s up seven points since the last period). Android comes in second, but it’s important to note that there has been a significant decline in popularity, moving from 30% to 22% since the last period.

For those not using a phone, there are also computers and tablets to distract them while watching TV. Seevibes notes that the former is continuing its slow and steady decline, having decreased one point since the last period, sitting at 24% of all social media interactions. Computers are used more while watching news programs (37%) and less while watching reality TV (11%), which is the opposite for the aforementioned smartphones. Tablets are slowly increasing in popularity, with a two point jump (since the last period) to 8%.

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