OK Tire brings it all together

A new ad and strategic direction for the auto service chain focuses on it being the a one-stop spot for more than just tires.

OK Tire hopes to show drivers it has more to offer than just tires, starting with a new strategic direction and platform for the chain of auto service shops.

In a new spot by Grey Vancouver, a guy watching a game on TV is able to get the snacks, condiments and drinks he needs without getting up from his chair, thanks to some clever modifications. The idea is to show how much better life is when you can get everything you need in one spot, and it ends with OK Tire’s new tagline, “OK Tire. Service, Repair and Tires.”

The spot will be running nationally and during sports programming this fall.

This is Grey’s first work for OK Tire after winning the account in May. The brand spot represents a new strategic direction and platform for the brand, focusing on OK Tire’s full range of products and services, instead of just tires, and will be updated with new creative going forward.

“We went into the pitch with the point-of-view that it should be a [full service] brand, and they happened to be of that same mind,” says Katie Ainsworth, creative director on the campaign at Grey. “They’re so well-known for tires in the cities they are in. So people go in there twice a year to get their tires, but they’re often completely unaware that while they’re there, they could be doing a full service to their car. So that was a huge opportunity to speak to current customers and to let everybody else know as well.”

OK Tire is also running a tire-specific spot heading into the winter months and focusing on the brands it carries as drivers begin to look at buying winter tires. It will also feature the new, full-service tagline.

“Even the messages that are driving to tires also have that new focus,” Ainsworth says. “We will be dipping in to all the kinds of things they do, like brakes or oil or diagnostics. That’s the beauty of promoting full service, it puts us in a position to talk about all that stuff they can do for you while you take care of your tires.”