Check it out: Canada Dry Mott’s slithery spot

A campaign for a new vodka drink hopes millennials' fear of missing out will trump their fear of reptiles.

Did you know ophidiophobia is the fear of snakes? Anyway, if you have it, maybe stop reading.

Canada Dry Mott’s has launched a new vodka drink called Venom, which includes caffeine from green tea and guarana, a plant in the maple family. To reach millennials who have FOMO (fear of missing out), the brand tapped Zulu Alpha Kilo to launch a campaign centred on waking up and enjoying the night.

A 30-second digital spot for the “#SnakeyWakey” campaign features a snake-loving spokesperson showing viewers that if their buddies are missing out, the reptiles are one way to get them going.

Zulu also built a Google Chrome extension that allows users to prank their friends by “waking them up” using snakes. Once installed, browsing – during the hours associated with going out at night – is interrupted by an overlay of snakes, audio and Venom branding.

“…[W]ith the video running on sites like The Chive, Funny or Die, BroBible and College Humour, we had to balance entertaining content with delivering the distinct visual identity of the brand,” Carol-Anne Gower, vice-president of marketing and business development at Canada Dry Motts, said in a press release.

The campaign, running through summer until September, also includes a national media buy from Mindshare/Excelerator Media.