Carte Blanche gets mixed up

Lg2 and FCB Montreal win in the Montreal region of Astral's out-of-home creative competition.

Yesterday at C2 in Montreal, Astral Out-of-Home announced the Montreal winners of its annual Carte Blanche contest.

Like the winners for the Toronto and Western Canada regions, which were announced two weeks ago, the first-place winner from Montreal received a free trip to Cannes Lions and their clients will be given $50,000 to run the work on Astral’s out-of-home network.

Unlike the other regions, though, competitors in Montreal worked with traditional vertical boards, meaning these winners are less about finding innovative ways to use digital boards and transit shelters and more about a good idea with a well-designed creative execution.

See the winners below, led by a team from Lg2 with work for Krispy Kernels. You can also see the rest of the 25 finalists on the Carte Blanche website.

First Prize

Marc Guilbault and Guillaume Bergeron (Lg2), Krispy Kernels

This poster takes the smiling, lip-licking boy from the Krispy Kernels logo and mixes it up as a nod to the brand’s mixed nuts.


Second prize

Luc Du Sault and Nicolas Boisvert (Lg2), Yum-Yum

This board for potato chip brand YumYum, which translates to “YumYum Billboard In The Potatoes,” involves a bit of wordplay that some of us outside Quebec may not be familiar with, so we asked Du Sault to explain it to us.

“‘Dans les patates depuis 1959′ ['in potatoes since 1959'] has been YumYum’s official tagline. ‘Dans les patates’ means in the business of potatoes, but it’s also a popular expression meaning ridiculously wrong. So the billboard looks like a mistake, but also makes sense when we read it.”


Third place

Sébastien Robillard and Joël Letarte (FCB Montreal), Oreo

Nothing goes together like Oreos and milk, so FCB Montreal imagined a glass that was a bit better suited for dunking Oreo Thins.


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