Scotiabank takes its tech message mass

Mobile offerings are at the heart of the new creative campaign from the bank.

Scotiabank has launched a new marketing campaign centred on its technological innovations, hoping to further establish itself as a digital banking contender and maintain a customer-focused image.

“When we re-wrote our brand positioning last year, we talked about our need to be much more customer-centric,” says Clinton Braganza, SVP of Canadian marketing at Scotiabank.

That’s led to an evolution in its creative. “Our previous campaigns have largely anchored around the branch network,” Braganza says. The new “It’s about you” campaign, led by Bensimon Byrne, includes two new pieces of creative featuring consumers using the bank’s digital offerings – specifically on mobile – but in a way that fits into their daily lives.

“We’re not just showcasing technology for the sake of technology,” Braganza says. While the campaign is designed to heighten awareness of the bank’s mobile offerings, the hope is to also show how its digital offerings, such as the capability to open a chequing account through its app, are serving day-to-day customer needs, he says.

The campaign is also still rooted in Scotiabank’s “You’re richer than you think” tagline, which Braganza says has strong brand awareness and resonance in Canada,.

With the new campaign, Scotiabank is targeting any Canadians who are what Braganza calls “mobile ready.”

Mobile banking is the fastest growing channel for the brand, and 80% of transactions in Canada are now done outside the branch. Adoption of mobile banking by its customers also grew 25% last year over 2015, and the number of mobile transaction jumped 40% year-over-year.

The bank has been making strides with digital innovation – including partnerships with startups through organizations like NextAI and through its Digital Factory initiative – in what’s becoming an increasingly competitive space.

“If you think about our category, we’re going through a rapid amount of change,” Braganza says. “The big banks in Canada are really raising their game insofar as technology.”