The challenges on the horizon (video)

Lucie Greene, a futurist and the global innovation leader at JWT, points to the big challenges waiting for the industry.

Don’t confuse centennials with millennials, says Lucie Greene.

The global director of J. Walter Thompson’s innovation group has spent the last decade helping brands understand the intricacies of shifting media and youth consumerism. She was recently on hand at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, and told strategy about a few of the major challenges brands will face in the coming years.

The picture she paints is fascinating, but its foreign to the digital landscape many companies are still coming to terms with. Brands will be “ambient” and embedded in everyday life “as a part of furniture, in fabric,” she says, as brand interaction moves “beyond the screen, and beyond buttons.” But don’t expect tomorrow’s consumers to value your leading-edge innovations. Younger consumers might not even distinguish between brands in certain sectors.

Videography: Jennifer Horn