Joe Fresh adds to its range of sizes

Shoppers can buy up to size 22 in the retailer's fall collection, which comes with a new family-focused campaign.

Loblaw Companies Limited - Joe Fresh-Joe Fresh to Launch Extende

Joe Fresh is opening itself up to a new market by offering a more inclusive range of sizes in its fall collection.

When the new collection launches in-store and online on Aug. 11, it will include extended sizes in a selection of “favourite styles,” up to size 22 (or 3X). Lindsay Cook, VP of marketing and communications for Joe Fresh, said in an email that extended sizes were something the brand’s customer was looking for, and aims to provide its established standards of style and value.

The extension of its fall line means Joe Fresh could now be fighting for customers with other plus-size retailers like Reitmans-owned Penningtons and Addition Elle, Torrid and Laura Plus, though it will likely be operating in a different price range. The brand’s pricing, which will be consistent across all sizes, put its new products closer to Penningtons’ more accessible price points, if not lower, and would mean it’d be competing more directly with plus-sized selections from fast fashion retailers like Old Navy and H&M.

While it may be offering differentiation from established plus-size brands based on price, at a max size of 22, Joe Fresh’s collection doesn’t have quite the same range as other brands. Penningtons offers sizes up to size 34 (5X) on most of its products. Old Navy offers extended sizes up to size 30 (4X), while H&M ‘s plus size collection ranges from a maximum size of 26 (3x) to 32 (4X), depending on the product. Cook said the company will continue to revisit the possibility of further extending its range of sizes in the future.

Joe Fresh has also launched a new campaign for its fall collection, featuring models Tara Lynn, Arlenis Sosa and Toni Garrn and the family and personal relationships that are important to them. The campaign is focused on family,and aims to show how the retailer can provide wardrobe solutions to every member of the household during what can be a busy time of the year.

“This campaign was a natural extension of our brand story and product offering,” Cook said. “It was also important to not isolate the Extend Sizes shopper but instead create an inclusive campaign, delivering on our goal to offer wardrobe solutions for women, men, kids and baby throughout the entire year.”