Zulubot adds director of content

Cary Smith joins the agency's content team to help build its offering with a focus on "modern content platforms."
Cary Smith

Zulu Alpha Kilo has added some experience to its content creation team, hiring Cary Smith as director of content for its Zulubot division.

Smith has been tasked with growing Zulubot’s offering alongside  Zak Mroueh, CCO and CEO, and Mike Sutton, the agency’s president.

Smith spent the past four years at Red Bull Media House, the drink brand’s in-house media and content creation division, as executive producer of moving image content. Prior to that, he was head of development and executive producer at Bell Media, overseeing production for specialty channels including Much and Space.

Zulubot was launched in 2014 and has since produced content for clients – such as Bell, ParticipAction, Interac and the “Common Ground” video series for Harley-Davidson – as well as many of the agency’s self-promo videos, like “Say No To Spec.”

Mroueh says that when Zulubot launched, a major part of the offering was to pitch content to clients to live in broadcast TV. Today, he says the focus has evolved “to simply creating content that’s more tailored to modern content platforms” such as social and digital. However, it will still pursue broadcast executions when it’s appropriate, such as creating a one-hour version of “Common Ground” that aired on Discovery Canada.

“Cary brings amazing experience in producing both low and big budget content that supports the way the industry is moving into the future,” Mroueh says.