Eight Health Lion noms for Canada

Cossette, John St. and Grey are in the running for a Lion across categories that span fundraising and brand-led education.
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The Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity hit the ground running, releasing five of the 27 total award shortlists Sunday morning.

Three Canadian shops picked up eight mentions in Health: six for Cossette, one each for Grey Canada and John St. The country, however, failed to make an appearance in Pharma, Innovation, Glass and Titanium.

Leading the pack, Cossette is in contention for a Health Lion, receiving four nods for SickKids’ “All In” spot it created to drive donations to the foundation’s hospital facilities. The film is recognized in the Film and Integrated categories within Fundraising & Advocacy, as well as twice in Film Craft (one for direction, and one for cinematography). Cossette’s remaining two shortlist mentions went to SickKids’ “DadStrong” spot under Film and Film Craft of the same category.

OMD led media, while Skin & Bones, A52, Music Rights Clearance, SNDWRX, JK Reps, OMEN 514 and OMD handled production behind the nominated work. 

John St. is also picking up a mention in the Fundraising & Advocacy category, specifically for the “16 & Under” integrated work it produced for the Heart & Stroke Foundation of Ontario. Production credits go to Jigsaw Casting, School Editing, Skin & Bones, The Eggplant Collective and The Vanity.

The final Health nom goes to Grey Canada, this time in the Brand-led Education and Awareness category (under Industry Craft) for the Workplace Safety & Insurance Board of Ontario’s “Typefaces of the Fallen” campaign.

Also, while the credit won’t go to Canada, Toronto’s Jam3 was the production partner on “Change Gout,” a campaign for pharma company Grünenthal by U.K. agency Langland that earned three shortlist spots in the Pharma category.

Health Shortlists (8)

All In” (Fundraising & Advocacy x4)
Partners: Skin & Bones / A52 / Music Rights Clearance / SNDWRX / JK Reps / OMEN 514 / OMD
Dadstrong” (Fundraising & Advocacy x2)
Partners: Skin & Bones / The Vanity / SNDWRX / OMD, Toronto

John St.
Heart & Stroke Foundation of Ontario
16 & Under” (Fundraising & Advocacy)
Partners: Jigsaw Casting / School Editing / Skin & Bones / The Eggplant Collective / The Vanity

Grey Canada
Workplace Safety & Insurance Board of Ontario
“Typefaces of the Fallen” (Brand-led Education & Awareness)