Fountain Tire paints its employees for the Oilers

The Edmonton-based auto retailer is giving fans a social tool to support its hometown hockey team.

Automotive retailer and service centre Fountain Tire has its roots in Edmonton  the home of the Oilers – and so a new campaign is showing how deep its support for the hockey team goes.

For a campaign created by AOR FCB Canada, employees of Fountain Tire have “donated their bodies” and painted them with every letter in the alphabet so fans don’t have to. By going to the “FanBods” microsite, Oilers supporters can type out their message and see it spelled out in blue-and-orange painted bodies. The resulting GIF can be downloaded or shared on social media (the site encourages visitors to tweet it directly to the official Edmonton Oilers account). After creating a GIF, users can also get a coupon to put towards their next oil change.

In addition to the online video above, creative driving to the website will air during broadcasts of Oilers games, and Fountain Tire is also sharing examples of the GIFs on social. In addition, an in-game activation will be happening live at Rogers Place, where the “FanBods” will be present and spelling out crowd chants as they happen.

While Fountain Tire has 160 stores across Western and Central Canada, it was founded and continues to be based in Edmonton. The company is also part of the Edmonton Oilers’ “Oilfield Network,” a collection of corporate partners involved in the oil and gas industries. Denise Gohl-Eacrett, director of brand and customer experience at Fountain Tire, said in a release that the campaign is a way for the company to “engage with fellow Edmontonians as a hometown company supporting our hometown team.”

“We’ve defined Fountain Tire’s brand purpose as ‘on this road together,’ which is all about being a true partner to customers when it comes to their tires and vehicles,” said Nancy Crimi-Lamanna, CCO at FCB Toronto. “As supporters of the Edmonton Oilers and their fans, there’s no better way for that to come life than for us to donate our fandom and our bodies – partnering with fans to cheer on our team.”

Earlier this month, Fountain Tire also released a new spot in its new “We’re on this Road Together” platform, again poking fun at emotive ads to show that the support of loved ones isn’t always what you need when you have car troubles.