Collective Arts to enter cannabis-infused beverages

Collective Project Limited intends to bring the brewer's focus on art and creativity to the category.
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Ontario-based craft brewery Collective Arts is the latest beer company to announce its intent to enter the cannabis-infused beverage market.

The company announced today that it would be launching a new sister company called Collective Project Limited in late 2019, through which it will produce and market cannabis- and hemp-infused beverages in both Canada and the U.S.

The brewer plans to produce its products at its current facility in Hamilton, Ontario, as well as a partner facility in the U.S. Collective Arts beer is sold in certain areas of the U.S., but producing its cannabis-infused beverages there would give the company a local foothold among other brands currently pursuing the cannabis-infused market south of the border.

Collective Arts says it is currently in talks with licensed producers and providers of technology that infuse cannabis extracts, and plans to announce those partnerships later this year. The new company’s launch is pending approval for an R&D License, License for Standard Processing and a Licence for Sale, all of which are required under Ontario cannabis regulations.

Founded in 2013, Collective Arts distinguishes itself from other craft brewers with its focus on art and music, routinely changing the look and labels of its cans by partnering with different visual artists and musicians. Matt Johnston, CEO and co-founder of Collective Arts, stated in a release that the focus on quality and creativity would continue into its new venture, with the company making products its “community of creatives want to enjoy.”

“Moving into a territory such as infused cannabis beverages gives us an ideal palate to be innovative, and also creates a new format for social experiences outside of alcohol,” he said.

Collective Arts is among a growing list of brewers looking to diversify their portfolios and reach new consumer segments by exploring cannabis-infused beverages, ranging from major players like Molson Coors and AB InBev to Hill Street Brewing. Outside of beer, companies like Neal Brothers and Greenhouse Juice are among those that have publicly stated their intentions to explore the cannabis-infused category.