Miele spills the beans on how to cook with coffee

The high-end brand is hosting private dinners to show existing customers how to get the most out of their appliances.

High-end appliance manufacturer Miele is promoting its line of coffee (and coffee-making machines) by highlighting it as a cooking ingredient instead of just a beverage. The brand’s Black Edition No 1 is the star of an invite-only four-course meal at its stores in Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver.

The hand-roasted coffee will be at the centre of a menu created by Miele chefs that will showcase the bean’s sweet and savoury properties. The meal will include coffee-infused ingredients and dishes like pasta, oxtail soup, salad dressing and desserts.

“The cooking event concept is not new, but we’ve themed it differently to communicate coffee,” according to Kelly R. Lam, vice president of marketing at Miele. “We wanted people to open their minds to experiencing coffee in ways other than just to drink,” says Lam. He says that by interacting with Miele through an “emotional” food experience, consumers better understand the brand and what its products offer.

Lam says the company has produced “care packages” since 2005, which include, for example, laundry detergents and dish tabs that Miele has tailor-made for its line of dishwashers that create a “closed loop” a help the brand be a complete solution for customers, even after they buy an appliance.. Coffee is an extension of that same approach, he says, adding that coffee beans help answer the question, “how can we make sure customers are getting the best cup of coffee when they wake up?”

The events, taking place in April and May, are by special invite mainly to users who’ve already purchased Miele coffee systems. This is based on insights, according to Lam, that show that what motivates customers to participate is not so much the recipes themselves, but more how they can better use their appliances at home.

The events also tie into the company’s paid Private Chef Program, personalized one-on-one consultations for up to four people hosted at Miele Experience Centres on how to use appliances to create favourite dishes. There is also a version where a chef will do an in-home consult to help set up equipment and then help cook a multi-course meal as well.

Though it is known for its appliances, Miele company launched its Black Edition No. 1 coffee in 2016, and it can be purchased at miele.ca or alongside one of its coffee-making systems at any of the company’s experience centres. Miele also has a demo/brand partnership with Lindt in which its chocolatiers demonstrate sweets-themed dining.