WestJet’s smart nightlight projects a flight’s path

The "Flight Light" uses real-time data to help families stay connected during an expanding number of international flights.

Flight Light 1

As WestJet continues to fly more and more people overseas, it is testing a new smart device to help travelers feel more connected to their families at home.

Flight Light 3The “Flight Light” can function as a regular children’s nightlight, with design inspiration taken from the 787 Dreamliner. But each Flight Light is also synced with an app, which a passenger enters their flight number into prior to takeoff. As the plane takes off, the light back home projects an illustration of a night’s sky onto a ceiling, using real-time flight data to show the flight’s progress. Passengers in flight can also use the app to send messages and emojis that can be added to the projection.

Flight Light 4Richard Bartrem, WestJet’s VP of marketing communications, says the airline wanted to develop a tool that could help families feel connected while they are apart during travel. While that ties into WestJet’s longstanding brand positioning around going above and beyond to provide care for its guests, it is also serves to reinforce WestJet as global airline as the company continues to expand its routes. What was previously a low-cost carrier now flies to more than 100 destinations, having added flights between Calgary and Dublin, as well as Toronto and Barcelona, in recent weeks.

The Flight Light is currently in the prototype stage and is being beta-tested through the summer. To get people interested in the device, WestJet agency Rethink, which is helping develop Flight Light, also created a video showing it in action and as a family uses it to count down to when they’ll be reunited.