Gillette and TerraCycle start razor recycling program

The P&G brand will let people send in used razors from any brand and convert them into charitable donations.


P&G is adding to the solutions it is making available to sustainability minded consumers in Canada, partnering with recycling company TerraCycle on a new program to dispose of used razors.

Individuals can sign up for the program on TerraCycle’s website, where they can print out shipping labels and send used razors and packaging back to the company in a puncture-proof container. The company has also opened up applications for businesses, gyms, schools, cities and community organizations to become designated drop-off points for the programs, where consumers can dispose of razors in designated bins that are shipped back to TerraCycle. The Canadian launch of the program follows a U.S. launch earlier this year.

For every shipment of razors it receives, individual consumers and local partners will earn points from TerraCycle, which can be converted into cash donations to a school or non-profit organization of their choice.

While Gillette is the brand partnering with TerraCycle on the program, it will accept disposable razors and packaging from all shaving brands.

Jennifer Seiler, who leads the Gillette brand in Canada, describes the program as “an important first step” towards sustainability in the shaving category. P&G is also one of the major companies participating in TerraCycle’s sustainable packaging program Loop, but it only includes a small number of products from its Gillette and Venus shaving brands, whereas the new razor disposal program will accept all disposable razors and their packaging.