Redpath launches new sugar collection

Taking cues from the salt category, the brand is looking to premiumize sugar with new and rebranded product lines.


Salt has been “premiumized” to the point where some chefs swear by certain types, like Himalayan or Kosher, but the same can’t really be said about sugar, with most home bakers perfectly happy to work with multipurpose packs. Taking cues from the salt category, the Redpath brand is once again looking to premiumize sugar with a new Redpath Collection.

The brand is launching the new Collection by rebranding its Organic granulated sugar and launching a new Simply Raw sugar line. The two products are packaged in premium-style resealable black stand-up zipper pouches, a departure from the brand’s red and white branding. Each is designed with small icons (at the bottom of the packaging) for different applications, the organic for coffee, tea and baking and the turbinado (otherwise known as a brown raw sugar) for baked goods, cobblers, yogurts, as well as coffee. Nancy Gavin, manager of brand development at Redpath Canada, says the Redpath brand is strong in Canada, which gives it “permission to expand into a premium collection.”

Gavin says “people want something above and beyond the normal granulated sugar” – especially those who love to bake and those who use tea and coffee for entertaining. The new collection will be a permanent SKU for the brand, she says, adding that the brand is promoting the premium line with recipes that show the different properties of each sugar to further emphasize their versatility. The recipes range from beverages to baked goods and include a Moroccan Mint Tea with Rose and a Hibiscus White Wine Celebration Cake.


To promote the launch, the company will be distributing samples of the new products on branded bikes across Toronto and Montreal during September. In Toronto, the brand is targeting millennial foodies in high-traffic locations like the intersection of King St. and Spadina St., the Harbourfront, and Liberty Village. With a bike, the brand can be more nimble in response to changing weather conditions, she says.

To further drive purchases, Gavin says the brand is working with couponing app, Caddle, which allows users to browse weekly offers and get paid once they’ve completed a survey after watching on a 30-second or less video.

The brand is also drawing attention to the product through a Breville espresso contest, with the prize being promoted via Facebook ads and through the Redpath website. The prize was chosen to inspire the at-home barista to try the new product. There’s an influencer component to the giveaway as well. The new sugar collection is being rolled out nationally at major retailers.

Redpath, which markets and sells sugar products in Canada, is a part of ASR Group, the world’s largest refiner of cane sugar.