Nova Scotia Government urges patience with edibles

The public awareness campaign aims to educate consumers that it might take some time before they feel any effects.


The Nova Scotia Government is looking to educate newer cannabis consumers on the fact that they might have to be a little bit patient when trying their first edibles.

There was excitement for growth potential among producers ahead of the legalization of cannabis edibles for retail sale late year, due to the ability to broaden the appeal among consumers looking for smoke-free options. However, those entering the category through edibles are also less familiar with cannabis in general, including the fact that edibles can have different effects than cannabis consumed other ways, especially when it comes to how long it takes for those effects to set in.

In a public awareness campaign for the Nova Scotia Government, agency Arrivals + Departures created out-of-home ads reminiscent of cannabis packaging that poses perfectly reasonable questions about when someone is going to start feeling that edible. Those questions, though, seemingly answer themselves when the phrasing gradually shifts to typical stoner questions like “what is time?”

While other public awareness campaigns over the last year have been targeted at preventing driving while high or the dangers that cannabis smoke still poses, many of the ones related to edibles have been focused on making sure people enjoy the new frontier within an already unfamiliar product category responsibly (or that the products are used by the right people).