GoDaddy tells a story about small business growth

The next phase of a campaign with Muggsy Bogues shows how the company helps entrepreneurs after they get their idea off the ground.

GoDaddy Canada is focusing on the evolution and growth of small business owners in the second phase of its “A Raptor Tale” campaign.

Phase two shows former Raptor Muggsy Bogues adding to his children’s book business by selling “Motivational Muggs” on his GoDaddy-powered website, which are printed with inspirational quotes from Bogues.

Whereas the first phase of the campaign last fall focused on the ease of use of the platform, Anne de Aragon, VP and country manager of GoDaddy Canada, says the new creative – led by Juniper Park\TBWA – is more about showing that GoDaddy’s services can support small businesses beyond just getting their idea off the ground.

“The second phase is really about the journey a small business owner would go through,,” she says. “This is the evolution of Muggsy’s book business…it’s just to relay to a small business owner that, with the GoDaddy platform, as your business grows, we have tools that will grow with you.”

De Aragon is referencing tools such as “GoDaddy Insight,” which launched last fall and provides users with specific action plans for their website to help them succeed. The insights range from social media activity to online reviews, to industry-specific recommendations. She also notes how GoDaddy care agents are available to consult with 24/7, and offers the ability to update websites through mobile.

“It’s really our value proposition of the tools, the insights and the care agents that all come together for small businesses, so nobody ever has to feel like they’re on their own, doing it on their own,” she says.

GoDaddy has partnered with the Toronto Raptors for a couple of years now, not just because the company wanted to make its presence felt in Canada, but also due to the diverse demographic that basketball caters to. “If you look around the stadium during a game, you see all kinds of different ethnicities,” de Aragon told strategy during Monday’s Raptors’ game versus the Minnesota Timberwolves. “You [also] see women, men, youth, older people. It’s just so appealing to different people. And these are the people that are starting businesses.”

De Aragon says GoDaddy has seen small business owners gravitate toward the sport of basketball, while celebrities are an effective way of showcasing the brand and generating interest.

“We didn’t want to use someone who was so off-the-charts famous, that they would just be unrealistic in terms of, ‘They probably didn’t build their own website,’” she says. “Using someone like Jonas Valančiūnas, Norman Powell, Muggsy Bogues, it’s quite credible that they would actually have a side business, or a side hustle, or an extension of their brand.”

Bogues seemed impressed by the finished product of phase two. “I’m having so much fun with it,” he tells strategy. “GoDaddy partnering with me has really been a blessing knowing that they continue to educate the community and help small business entrepreneurs have a platform to launch their businesses. Anybody who’s thinking about starting a business or want to launch their product, GoDaddy is the place to go. That platform reaches the masses and it really gets you your customer-base.”

North Strategic led on public relations and Wavemaker led on media buying for the campaign.