Drug Free Kids educates with prankish gummy bears

The non-profit is the latest to inform Canadians about the unpredictable nature of "cannabis 2.0" products.

Drug Free Kids Canada’s latest campaign highlights the unpredictable nature of cannabis edibles, in an attempt to help young people and their parents understand the effects of the innocent-looking products.

The 30-second spot, posted online on Feb. 19, shows living gummies engaging in troublesome and prankish acts, such as pushing over a vase with a dog’s ashes in it or shredding a wedding dress hung up in a closet.

This latest DFKC campaign is in line with the charity’s vision, which is to ensure all young people will “be able to live their lives free of problematic substance use and addiction” and “raising awareness” of other issues pertaining to teen drug use, namely to encourage parents to talk to their kids. With cannabis in particular, the non-profit has been encouraging parents to speak to kids in an understanding way that encourages safety, as opposed to a lecture.

DFKC’s campaign is also an educational one, with a message that focuses on both the unpredictable effects for young people, as well as encouraging parents to “help [their] kids” understand the risks. With edibles and other “cannabis 2.0” products being legalized for retail sale in December, several organizations – including non-profits, government agencies and the cannabis producers themselves – have launched PSAs and campaigns to address unique safety issues the category presents.

Last October, Aurora launched a campaign featuring cookies and candies, which might otherwise be attractive to children, labeled as being for “adults only,” and encouraging consumers to store them responsibly. Earlier this year, the Nova Scotia Government launched a public awareness campaign to educate cannabis consumers making their first foray into the category through edibles on the fact that they can have different effects, namely a delayed onset of effects.

The latest Drug Free Kids Canada campaign was created by Bleublancrouge.