Hudson’s Bay makes rewards more colourful

The retailer updates its loyalty program to fit with its new strategic direction and have more seamless online integration.


Brands have been busy revamping their loyalty programs to stay relevant to changing consumer expectations. Not to be outdone, Hudson’s Bay is updating its Rewards Program to give it a more simplified experience and create an extension of its recently launched brand platform.

The Rewards Program is now fully digital, doing away with cards and allowing customers to earn points simply by providing a phone number or email address. Making the program “frictionless” was a major goal for the upgrade online as well: members can link their loyalty account to their online shopping account, making it easier to redeem points for ecommerce purchase and check point levels and history, as well as receive offers and access to special events. It has also lowered the point redemption threshold, making 1000 points worth $5.

“We know that the [user] experience accounts for 76% of a customer’s engagement in a loyalty program, which includes ease and enjoyment, brand alignment and communications that make them feel special and valued,” says Allison Litzinger, VP of marketing, brand, customer and loyalty at Hudson’s Bay. In a pandemic environment, she adds, having a compelling and easy loyalty offering becomes even more important in retaining customers as they look to consolidate shopping trips, and as online shopping continues to accelerate.

Litzinger says the key changes are focused on aligning Rewards with the retailer’s evolved brand identity, launched earlier this year following the retailer going private in February. In addition to the colourful feel and motif, Litzinger says making a more seamless program fits with the strategic approach of helping customers live their best life.

According to the latest loyalty program report from Bond Brand Loyalty, the previous iteration of Hudson’s Bay Rewards moved to second among department store programs, ahead of Nordstrom’s Nordy Club but behind Simons. With the updates made to the program, Litzinger believes there is an opportunity to reach the top spot. In addition to improving the experience for existing members, new HBC customer acquisition is a goal.

The program had early pilot rollout at select stores in Quebec and Ontario in August, which were focused on making tech upgrades in-store and online, in addition to associate engagement and training. The national rollout went live Sept. 1.