Udderly Ridiculous wants you to take note of goat

The artisanal ice cream is emphasizing its premium appeal with a Reebee digital flyer.

Udderly-3Udderly Ridiculous is hoping a new digital flyer will help restart some momentum at retail for its goat’s milk ice cream.

The brand, founded last year, is the latest frozen treat to promote a new SKU with digital flyer app Reebee, pairing it with new holiday-focused recipe pairings and a giveaway.

Cheryl Haskett, Udderly Ridiculous’ co-founder, tells strategy that she and Andrew Kinnear, co-founder of dairy-free frozen dessert brand Yellofruit, “went to ice cream school together.” She checked in with her friend to get his insights on Reebee, which Yellofruit recently ran its own program on Reebee to drive awareness.

“We are a unique and premium product, and we are also a product people frequently don’t know about or understand,” Haskett says. She adds that the brand did not feel like there was enough momentum at the consumer level, even after winning the Retail Council of Canada’s Grand Prix New Product Award, thanks to decreased pandemic foot traffic and not enough people seeing the relatively new product. It needed another traffic driver, which is where Reebee came in, with a user base of approximately five million skewed heavily toward millennials.

“We really wanted another way for consumers to see us and get to know us and understand the product and be interested in going to retail stores to pick it up,” Haskett says.

The Udderly digital flyer, which launched on Oct. 3 and runs until the end of the month, is styled almost like a mini magazine spread, featuring a holiday dessert guide, recipes for Thanksgiving and info about Udderly Ridiculous’ gourmet flavour lines, including notes about where the ingredients were sourced from. To drive interest, it also includes a $100 grocery gift card giveaway.

The Reebee flyer also calls out its low lactose functional benefits, part of the brand’s messaging around linking goat’s milk to favorable digestibility, as consumers with mild forms of lactose intolerance will be able to stomach it.

Udderly-1The timing of the offer is to coincide with new distribution in Western Canada, but also to give it another platform through which it can analyze data and consumer behaviour from a busy fall shopping season.

Last year, Udderly’s shopper marketing elements included freezer clings, which also highlighted the nutritional benefits of goat’s milk. When it won the RCC Grand Prix, it was called out on shelf danglers, but the brand found that this was an expensive proposition for a brand that was not yet nationally listed.

Pre-COVID, Udderly did a lot of in-store demos and work around educating the public at events, doing about 30 last year, and according to Haskett “probably handing out 80,000 samples” in an under serviced under developed category.