Holiday Cards Part Four: The Agency Cookbook

A lot of agencies put out recipes to spark your culinary creativity this holiday season, so we gathered them all in one place.

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There was a definite trend among this year’s batch of agency cards. With so many people picking up or honing their baking, cooking and mixological skills this year, a bunch of agencies did what they could to make sure they don’t run out of culinary experiences to try. So, we decided to put them all together into one place for you, and give you a veritable cookbook to explore over your holiday break, courtesy of ad land.


Over at the “Seasons’ Sweetings” website, the folks at Bond compiled a dozen different cookie recipes. Not one to let everyone else have all the fun, a video message from CEO Bob Macdonald also features him rolling up the sleeves of his own white jacket in the kitchen.


unnamedBob sent out its holiday entertaining guide in an email, so if you’re not lucky enough to be on its mailing list, we’re here to bring you the agency’s own signature cocktail (found below), as well as a Spotify playlist it made to listen to while you enjoy it and a listing of local businesses to get your cooking suppliesdining room decor and ingredients from.

The Bob cocktail

1½ oz Quebec gin
1 oz lemon juice
½ oz clementine syrup
3 oz sparkling water
Garnish with blackberries and lemon slice


Also realizing the culinary delights of the holidays aren’t limited to food, Jackman Reinvents found Joe Jackman made a video recipe for an Old Fashioned with a holiday twist, along with his own holiday playlist to go along with it.

Giants & Gentlemen

If you’re looking at baking as a chance for a workout and/or to get out some pent-up frustration, Giants & Gentlemen whipped up a recipe for a “Cathartic Christmas Loaf,” each step of which includes directions like “punch,” “beat” and “pulverize.”


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Of course, no matter what you cook up, you may be finding yourself missing the ambience of festive family meals, given the limits on household gatherings that you should please, please listen to.

Luckily, Rethink has created a soundboard to give your home the noises and sounds of the season that’ll make it feel like you’re playing host to a packed house. Some of the noises are the atmospheric sounds that tend to fade into the background, like cutlery scraping plates, party chatter and a bustling kitchen. Then there are the smaller soundbites that make the experience really come to life, including wine bottles being opened, kitchen mixers whirring and dozens of snippets of conversations from the whole family.

Leo Burnett


Finally, if you’ve gotten through all of these and still find yourself in need of culinary inspiration, you might as well turn to the team at Leo Burnett, which made an entire cookbook out of its favourite recipes, specifically ones that are a little bit better for you – something people might be on the lookout for even more than they usually are this time of year, given how little they have been moving around.