Nesto shows first time home buyers they can get a good mortgage themselves

The digital platform's first TV push aims to challenge the banks by selling a tech-savvy demo on its ease and efficiency.

Nesto sees promise in the young first-time, tech-savvy home buyer demo.

Developed by Cossette, the Montreal-based company’s “Low From The Get Go” campaign is TV-led and supported with online video and social. It features a janitor jamming in a college gymnasium, before he picks up a basketball and makes an incredible full-court trick shot in front of astonished hoopers.

According to Nesto CEO Malk Yacoubi, who co-founded the digital-only mortgage broker service in 2018, the message behind the creative is “even though you’re not a professional, with the right confidence and the right approach, you’ll be able to get it on the first try.” The campaign is also about making the mortgage transaction – which is typically seen as tedious – fun.

Yacoubi says the Nesto platform, which compares rates offered by 22 financial institutions, is tailor-made for a younger buyer, one that’s more willing to embrace online services, as is creative that focuses on the value propositions of ease and efficiency.

Nesto previously relied on performance media to promote its offering, but now, Yacoubi says, it’s going broader to gain more name recognition.

The CEO previously worked at Cossette as the agency’s former chief digital officer, with the shop also having helped develop Nesto’s brand design and logo.

He says his experience at Cossette helped him appreciate the power of a brand, and the importance of conveying messages in a simple, straightforward manner – in Nesto’s case, the promise of speed and efficiency and giving customers their lowest rate from the get go.

“Like Amazon, we are leveraging technology to be more effective… enabling the customer to do more by themselves,” Yacoubi says.

“We believe Canadians deserve a better way to get a mortgage and get a better price” without having to deal with major banks, he says, which, according to the latest insights, have a 67% market share of new mortgages.

According to the latest figures from Nanos Research Group, over the next six months, six in 10 Canadians think the value of real estate in their neighborhoods will rise.

“Low From The Get Go” launched nationally with 15-second and 30-second spots in both official languages. Jungle handled the media.