Oasis finds solace in everyday moments

A. Lassonde's flagship brand evolves its platform and packaging as the juice maker trims its portfolio of sub-brands.


A. Lassonde’s flagship juice brand, Oasis, is evolving its brand platform to accentuate the everyday, and getting a packaging refresh, too.

Marlène Hins, VP, marketing and innovation at A. Lassonde, says the positioning refresh optimizes the Oasis brand by streamlining the portfolio from nine sub-brands to five, a simpler approach that incorporates packaging changes and a new “Find your Oasis” communications platform. The goal is to have a better focus, she says, as too many brands can be confusing to a consumer.

“Now, we have a specific role for each of our sub-brands that’s much clearer,” she says.

The CPG’s “Find Your Oasis” campaign is currently on air, running on TV nationally through the September back-to-school period on Canadian networks in both English and French languages nationwide. It highlights different usage occasions for five Oasis sub-brands via the theme of “imperfect moments” in life where we can feel at peace – a dad hopping on a skateboard to go help his son who’s fallen off his bike, and then the whole family finding solace, or its oasis.

According to AOR Lg2, the strategic approach allows A. Lassonde to stand apart from the competition “through the emotional connection we feel when celebrating life’s daily pleasures with Oasis,” says Marc-André Fafard, the shop’s VP, design.



The positioning includes digital video and colourful, lifestyle-oriented OOH promoting Oasis brands, which include Health Break, Infusion, Smoothie and Hydrafruit. The underlying thread is that “whatever you’re doing, there’s an Oasis juice for you,” according to Hins.

Hins tells strategy that the “Find your Oasis” evolution of the communications platform and packaging (see, “before” and “after,” above) required the support of a 360 campaign. “You need to be everywhere to accompany consumers as the platform changes,” she says. At point of sale, the message is “new look, fresh taste” amplified with big displays to make sure consumers recognize the products across big grocers.

When it comes to packaging design considerations, Hins says a new, more modern, yet simple packaging design presents product facts in a consistent manner across the different lines, with each product’s respective information more clearly identified, such as Hydrafruit’s packaging call out that it has 60% less sugar than other fruit juices.

Hins says that eco-packaging innovations include building on the brand’s paper straws for its juice boxes and making an announcement for its SunRype brand soon.

According to the latest Stats Canada figures, per capita consumption of fruit juice has been on a long, steady decline from 34.6 litres in 2010 to 23.1 litres in 2020, due largely to health concerns regarding sugar content.

With lockdowns, single-serve sales are a bit lower than they used to be, Hins admits, but with schools reopening in September, she expects a nice bounce back.

For “Find your Oasis,” Touché took care of the buy and planning.