Mucho Burrito wants its new mashup to make headlines

A campaign promoting the QSR's "tandoorito" takes the form of news hits from an international summit on burrito diplomacy.
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In an age of political conflict, Mucho Burrito hopes people will be able to come together over a new fusion burrito it is adding to its menu this fall.

A new series of ads created by agency Arrivals + Departures takes the form of a news report from the “B20 Global Burrito Summit,” where culinary leaders – including those from India and Mexico – come together to “build a bright future for burrito relations.”

The campaign is promoting the “tandoorrito,” a burrito infused with elements of Indian cuisine that was actually concepted by Arrivals + Departures, which has been working as the brand’s agency for a number of years. The agency created the idea in collaboration with Rick Matharu, a chef who gained notoriety across Canada when he brought his recipe for butter chicken lasagna to Food Network Canada show Recipe to Riches.

While this kind of “mashup” is new for the QSR, Anita Dewan, assistant marketing manager at parent company MTY Group, says using fresh ingredients in new ways has been a cornerstone for Mucho Burrito’s strategy around both limited edition additions to its menu and its permanent lineup of burritos.

Jeff MacEachern, CCO at Arrivals + Departures, added that the approach is one that differentiates the QSR – “anyone can use fresh ingredients, but it’s what you do with them that matters” – and he hopes this is the first of many similar opportunities to pursue in the future.

In addition to six- and 15-second spots made for online video formats, the campaign also includes social posts and programmatic display ads that further lean into the “B20″ concept. The brand is also working with Monica Narula Consulting on an influencer push running until Sept. 26 featuring food and lifestyle influencers promoting the limited-time menu item, which is available until Oct. 17.