BMO shows how good advice leaves clients with no regrets

In its first campaign for its Private Wealth service, the bank is positioning its advisors as peace of mind purveyors.


The pandemic has been a disruptive time for BMO Private Wealth’s current and potential clientele, and so the wealth management service is looking to provide some peace of mind with its first major marketing campaign.

The campaign, “Great advice pays off,” specifically targets the anxieties that people who have a high-net-worth might be dealing with at this moment in time. It was developed by FCB Canada.

“The past year-and-a-half of the pandemic has really brought the conversation around money management and, specifically, investments to the forefront,” explains Shelley Johnsen, brand director for BMO Financial Group. “The cultural conversation is about the changing investment landscape with cryptocurrency and meme stocks… but market investing is just one piece of the complex financial puzzle [for high-net-worth people]. This work really speaks to all those other pieces on their minds.”

The campaign centres on a spot soundtracked by Édith Piaf’s “No Regrets,” which shows a woman struggling with the anxieties that come with managing her wealth as she moves through her day before, finally, meeting with a BMO financial advisor who helps her address those concerns – ultimately making sure that she has no regrets of her own.

“We wanted to showcase what really differentiates us, which is the advisor relationship and how that advice can pay off, while other financial institutions are talking about fees,” says Johnsen. “We took this different approach, visually, by getting inside the client’s head and showing what’s going on in her mind.”

The campaign is the first time BMO Private Wealth has “gone to market in a meaningful way,” and so it was important to set the right tone and show the core audience “what is is that we have to offer,” she says.

BMO_PW_OOH5UM led the media strategy for the campaign, which employs “a very targeted approach” across mass channels to reach the target audience.

The spot will air during programming that over-indexes toward a higher-net-worth audience, including live sports and business programming, Johnsen says. It will be supported by targeted OOH, LinkedIn ads, and an in-flight partnership with Air Canada.

The campaign runs through the end of the year.