Dairy Farmers makes plays for different audiences with two holiday campaigns

A mass effort continues DFC's quality positioning, while a digital push engages younger consumers with humour and stats.
Dairy Farmers of Canada-Celebrate Home for the Holidays with Can

Dairy is an important part of the festive tradition for many Canadian families, and that’s why the Dairy Farmers of Canada have launched two campaigns simultaneously to reach different audiences during the season.

The first of the campaigns, “#ChooseCanadianDairy,” was developed by DDB and focuses on some of the common, core messaging that DFC has been delivering for years – primarily focused on quality – with a holiday touch provided by a focus on entertaining.

“After missing out on the last holiday season with extended family and friends, we knew that Canadians will likely be gathering this year with loved ones to celebrate. We also knew that from holiday baking, to festive cheese plates, to that glass of milk for Santa, dairy is a key part of the season for so many of us,” says Pamela Nalewajek, VP of marketing and business stakeholder relations with the DFC.

While “#ChooseCanadianDairy” is running nationally on TV, supported by retail, OOH and digital elements, a second campaign is running on social and digital that targets a younger audience.

“Happy Holi-Dairy” is a humorous effort from the recently launched Angry Butterfly that speaks directly to younger consumers in a bid to “counter all the misinformation that’s out there” about Canadian dairy products, Nalewajek says.

The campaign features a series of tongue-in-cheek spots that show young people back home for the holidays. When an uncomfortable question is asked of the protagonist by a friend or relative, a helpful dairy farmer appears with an interesting statistic they can use to redirect the conversation.

“There are many advertisers coveting this same audience, so you have to cut through with great creative and engaging tools,” says Nalewajek. In that spirit, the DFC developed a “Fact Generator” to extend the awkward-topic-deflecting dairy intel concept beyond the spot.

The campaigns launched Monday and will run until Jan. 2. Initiative handled the media buy.