Fody takes a gutsy approach to its first big push

The brand, designed for those with digestive issues, spoofs game shows to help its target make choices in the condiment aisle.

Fody is using a cheesy Love Connection-style retro game show to tout its gut-friendly sauces and condiments.

The brand, which is part of the Venturepark brand development ecosystem, is leaning heavily into digital to appeal to consumers with digestive health issues, with a particular focus on its sauce portfolio as it targets Canadian consumers.

Venturepark ECD Dan Strasser says that foods can be contentious for those on low-FODMAP diet – a concept designed for people with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) or small intestinal bacterial overgrowth that limits certain forms of carbs, lactose and sugars.

The campaign, “Gut Love,” is meant to help people choose between different foods, a concept Strasser says blended nicely with a dating show and a contestant choosing among potential bachelors.

“We’re not making fun of it, but making something that’s relatable,” Strasser says.

Low-FODMAP consumers comprise 45 million people in North America alone, and the brand reached out to Venturepark to help connect not just with consumers who have IBS, but those with other stomach issues, for whom low-FODMAP diets may also be beneficial.

The campaign is on another level compared to how Fody has previously marketed, Strasser says. “This is their first huge push,” he explains, “and it needed a big campaign, something that was going to stand out.”

The “Gut Love” campaign, wholly infused with purple, is a meant to amplify a recent packaging change the brand underwent as well to stand out amongst a sea of red in the salsa, ketchup and pasta sauce aisles.

In fact, Strasser tells strategy it “tripled down” on the purple.

When it comes to the competitive landscape, he says the Fody brand was originally created for those who identify as IBS sufferers and are officially diagnosed. However, when it comes to the broader audience, those that don’t necessarily have it but still have digestive challenges will find this resonates with them.

The all-digital campaign will focus on targeted awareness and ecommerce conversion and runs through to 2023.

According to Strasser, the digital-first approach is efficient and targeted, and includes digital, banners, content, social and that consumers will see the purples come to life at POS. Venturepark also worked with Pirate to create the jingle. CanspanBMG did the media buy.